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Siparia Road, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.

In search for someone to perform pooja, my husband and I were introduced to Pundit Ravi Sharma. Based on that first encounter he had a very warm and welcoming personality who made it convenient for us to perform pooja via whatsapp.  With distance working against us, the pooja was organized to perfection from the way in which he ensured the vedi was set up to the way in which the vedi was decorated with a paraphernalia of utensils, flower garlands, and candle lamps, to the arrangement of the Prasad trays and the way in which he chanted his mantras engaged us and created an aura that captivated us spiritually.

With continued interactions, we learned also that he does astrological readings and intrigued by this finding we decided to book a reading. Hands down we were impressed beyond words.  Without a great deal of information you were able to display exceptional competence in reading my chart.  After that reading, we recommended him to our close friends and family members. As soon as their readings were done, calls came in; they were flabbergasted.  He is definitely a professional astrologist and knowledgeable priest that maintains relationships with clients and isn’t afraid to extend his support in times of need.

Thank you Pundit Ji for your unmatched sincerity. Everyone in Trinidad is eternally grateful to you, as you have touched our hearts.


Malini Ramsumair