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Testimonials from my Friends, Clients or Yajumanas

Pandit Ji performed a beautiful Choora and Wedding Ceremony for our daughter.  He took the time to ensure we all understood what was involved and explained the significance and context of all rituals.  The bride and groom were advised of their vows beforehand which made their wedding day very special.  Everyone including our guests were enlightened by Pandit Ji’s engaging style and simple and clear explanation in English.  Huge thanks from us all for making our ceremonies so special.    

Mrs. Sharda. London UK

It was our great pleasure to invite Pt. Ravi Sharma to perform our daughter’s first grain-feeding ceremony. Ravi did a beautiful job with the ceremony, making sure to explain the ritual and underlying philosophy with great sensitivity and command. We all came away much the wiser but also with a new found love and appreciation for Hindu ritual; this is all thanks to Pt. Ravi Sharma. We were particularly impressed by Ravi’s warm and friendly attitude and the ease with which he made everyone feel at home during the ritual ceremony. He is certainly going to be our priest of choice going forward. We could not recommend him enough!    

Atish Ghai, UK

I found Pt. Ravi Sharma to be very friendly, practical, knowledgeable and thorough.

 When he conducted my sister’s wedding the entire crowd was engaged and really appreciated the ceremony, from start to finish.

 The Sikhs who are generally not very well aware with the significance of Hindu rituals were absolutely amazed.

Kindest regards, Yadav Jani


Nairobi, Kenya

I have worked with Pt. Ravi Sharma on many weddings & as a photographer I always appreciate his attention to detail & authenticity. His ceremonies are vibrant, intricate, informative and mesmerising. Out of all the priests I have witnessed over the years, Pt. Ravi Sharma has proven time and time again to perform a genuine wedding ceremony from a deep place of devotion and understanding for the Hindu tradition, so much so that my wife & I were fortunate to have him conduct our marriage ceremony. Friends and family to this very day applaud Panditji’s efforts.


Leicester, UK

Pt. Ravi Sharma is an excellent priest, astrologer with spiritual perspectives and a deep philosopher. 

It has been a privilege to be the recipients of his service and we highly recommend him to those who are interested in the hindu tradition and culture. 

We appreciate his humble demeanour, sense of humour and versatile approaches. 

Thank you for continuing to be our priest and well wisher.

All the best wishes for your good work,

Krishna Balaram das and Citra Gopi Devi dasi 

(Krishna Kamalay and Chandrika Krishna and Nandakishore)

Garston, Watford, UK

One thing is for sure, Pandit Ravi Sharma pays great attention to detail when conducting your ceremony. He gives you and your audience a bonafide experience of how a religious ceremony should be conducted. For this reason we have used Pt. Ravi Sharma for many years. You can be assured of a genuine experience, feeling rejuvenated once the ceremony is concluded. We remain forever grateful to Pt. Ravi Sharma and his better half for conducting our ceremonies – Punj family


East London, UK

I have known of Pt. Ravi Sharma for some years and have seen him perform various ceremonies for some of my friends. Having heard so many wonderful things from many people over quite a long time I decided to invite Pt. Ravi Sharma to perform my initiation (diksha) ceremony and it was probably one of the best ceremonies I have been part of. He carried out all aspects of the ceremony with utmost attention and ensured that the participants felt comfortable. He explained all aspects of the ceremony so that we all knew what was happening. I could tell that Pt. Ravi Sharma was an extremely experienced and knowledgeable priest.

I have been part of various ceremonies and have seen many weddings, but I can say hands down that Pt. Ravi Sharma is the best priest in the UK. Would definitely recommend him to conduct any kind of ceremony.

Radha Raman das

(Nikhil Limbachia)


Crawley, UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma alias, His Grace Rupa Goswami, is a perfect Brahmin. He is a storehouse of traditional Vedic practices and values but presents it in a modern skillful way. He is very informative and interactive, and enlightening to those who have engaged him in any Vedic ceremony. I have known him for many years and seen him conduct ceremonies from huge wedding events, in posh hotels in London, to home yagyas and samskara vidhis. He captivates the attention of the young and the old. He has an undeniable great sense of humour whilst in action and always looks and dresses up smart. He has an able assistant, Shyama Vallabha, his wonderful silent wife (dharampatni), making it a very dynamic team aiming for perfection. They really have a wonderful system of preparing the yajumanas and their relatives prior to the occasion so everything goes smoothly on the actual day. Off the stage, he is a true practicing Vaishnava and daily worships his deities with mantras speaking from memory which others find hard to even pronounce. He is someone I would recommend, without hesitation, who would make any Vedic ceremony successful, auspicious and memorable. Our family, friends and devotee circles have engaged him regularly over decades and have been very happy with him. Jai. Haridas Trustee at Shree Shree Radha Krishna Cultural Centre

Coventry, UK

Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa goswami Purohita) conducted our wedding ceremony, I was amazed at how he managed to keep the ceremony authentic, true to the vedic scriptures and engaged the crowd in all aspects of the ceremony. All our guests were very impressed with panditji. I find Rupa goswami to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Rasa Vilasa Patel The Flying Priest Amersham

Amersham, England, UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma was our priest for our wedding and we were most pleased with our ceremony. He performed all parts of the preparation and ceremony with the upmost care and attention. He helped to create a wonderful and spiritual atmosphere and made our wedding day really special. We highly recommend him as a very competent and reliable Pandit who is enthusiastic in what he does. Ananga Mohini devi

London, UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma (also known to us fondly as His Grace Rupa Goswami Das) is an exceptional Priest. He has vast knowledge of the Vedic Scriptures and is meticulous with careful  attention to detail in how he conducts pujas, havans and astrological readings.

Everything  he does is conducted with sincerity, rigour and care. Pandit Ravi Sharma is a kind, considerate and thoughtful Priest who engages us actively in all the ceremonies. Its evident by everything he does that this is his life calling and seva to the community.

We have been very lucky to  have known him for many decades and he is our go-to Priest without a shadow of doubt.  He is a true, first class and an exceptionally qualified and accomplished Brahmin.

Naina Parmar (Nandarane dasi) Consultant

Palmers Green, UK



Pundit Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Das) is a very compassionate, patient, well educated…… soul and has been our family pundit for over 20 years now.

He has installed our deities, done pujas for entering our new home and we try for him to come every year to New York to do our yearly puja.

We love how much of a perfectionist he is with his pujas, especially with the pronunciation of the mantras.

We were very satisfied with the way he did our astrological charts, and he took the time to figure out mine because my time of birth was a little off and I really appreciated that.

He’s our pundit for life.

Vishnu and Hardaye Ramnarine

New York, USA

I had a puja done by Pandit Ravi Sharma ji for my Grandmother’s 80th and he made it so comfortable for her and she was really happy with the puja. He took into consideration everything that was needed for the puja before and even took the time to plan it ahead. It was really great and the atmosphere was really wonderful in the home. I could see that he is very knowledgeable about the rituals and has a lot of experience. I would definitely recommend him for all kinds of pujas.

Vickesh K Sharma

Crawley, UK

I highly regard Rupa Goswami as a dedicated priest and astrologer and have consulted him for both. He is not only warm and approachable but also meticulous in his understanding and explanations. He is punctual and humble mannered. He is happy to perform simple or elaborate ceremonies and very accommodating. He’s happy to discuss astro charts in enough detail to ensure his client is satisfied in all respects. 

Best wishes 

Sachin Kotak

Bushey, UK

I know Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa) as a friend and my teacher. He has often assisted me with Muhurtha astrology – the timing of the events for my family. He has really good insights into Medical astrology and he is able to integrate quite complex details into understandable and comprehensive facts that I can use every day. I am particularly impressed by his knowledge of remedial measures. I also see he keeps up to date with this his knowledge/skills.

Andre Motuz Acupuncturist Watford Acupuncture Clinic (

Watford, UK

Hare Krishna.

I have had the rare opportunity to serve alongside Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Prabhu) on numerous and varied occasions, from Deity installations and initiation ceremonies to entering new premises and baby showers.

Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Prabhu) conducts all the ceremonies in a manner that is true to the scripture.  His pronunciation is also very accurate.

There is a fond remembrance of the ceremonies affectionately conducted by him that results in an intimate atmosphere.

I always look forward to having another chance to serve with him.

Satyesh M. Pandit (Sri Gauranga dasa) Vice President  

Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari Mandir, Nairobi, Kenya

As the Head Priest at our temple in Central London I am often asked to perform religious ceremonies but mostly  have to refuse as I do not have the time.

I always recommend that they contact Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami) who is not only very expert and competent but also very friendly, leaving everyone very satisfied and happy.

Murli Manohara das Head Pujari

Radha Krishna Temple, London UK

Knowledgeable, personal, engaging and accessible are just 4 of the words I use to describe Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Das). As a priest and person he is excellent and authentic and timely.  I have had the honour to know him for many years. He has moved houses for us, named babies, blessed pregnancies all in a proper and complete way. He is friendly, engages the audience, explains what is going on and more importantly, why we perform a particular ceremony. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any puja that is required. 

Dr. Nishil Patel

(Nishi Kanta Krishna das)

London UK

I have known Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Das) for many years.

I have worked closely with him in doing many pujas.

I saw him do safe delivery ceremonies for pregnant ladies, name-giving ceremonies for babies, hair-cutting rituals and first grain-feeding as well as alphabet learning samskaras.

I saw him do very elaborate wedding ceremonies, funeral  ceremonies and very elaborate deity installations, he is very meticulous in everything that he does, his policy is punctuality and cleanliness.

I have so much confidence in what Pt. Ravi Sharma does that I already told my family  members when I give up my body Pt. Ravi Sharma should do my last rites.

He is the best.

Jaya Radhe Dasi

Iskcon Debe Temple, Trinidad & Tobago

It was our privilege to have our ceremony conducted by the highly esteemed, Pt. Ravi Sharma. He has been trained from a young age in line with the Vedic scriptures and this is visible in his authentic ceremonies, Brahminical character and expertise.

When I saw him conduct a friend’s wedding, I was very impressed with the Vedic standard and the attention to the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, during the ceremony. I knew I wanted a similar focus in my own wedding ceremony. I am grateful to Pt. Ravi Sharma for being available to conduct our ceremony. Our guests were also well engaged from his explanations and his humour.

We continue to recommend him to friends for their weddings and other ceremonies.

Your servant,


Leicester, UK

Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Das) very kindly performed a special home puja for us. From the outset he inspired confidence by providing consultation, clear guidance and simple instructions. He is very well spoken and highly educated in Shastra and astrology.

Ravi Sharma explained everything in detail as the puja progressed. We all felt uplifted with his presence and Vedic knowledge. As a second-generation British Indian I can be very demanding of who performs pujas and how they come across in person.

His demeanour puts everyone at ease in a friendly atmosphere and he strikes me as an excellent master of ceremonies who would be able to engage audiences small and large. This is exactly what one would want of a learned Brahmin for rites of passage.

As an addition he provided some very accurate astrology readings which gave me greater conviction in his abilities. Overall, I was very impressed and would thoroughly recommend Pt. Ravi Sharma as your Hindu priest for all occasions.

Minesh Shah

London UK

“Pandit Ravi Sharma Maharaj has a very gentle and charismatic personality. His authentic ceremonies are thoroughly explained, sophisticated and professional.

His style of conducting ceremonies keep the crowds well engaged. He has a good sense of humour and everyone enjoys and understands what is going on. I would highly recommend him.”


Kind regards,

Samyak Nigam,

Bhaktivedanta Manor

Wedding Dept.

Wedding Events Manager

Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford, UK

I’ve know Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami prabhu) for many years, and developed a relationship with him over time.

He’s always made time for me and has provided me with valuable insight into my astrological chart, or with samskaras or Yajnas.

I’d thoroughly recommend him to friends and family

Your servant,

Ram Lakshman das

Borehamwood UK

Pt. Ravi Sharma and His Dharam Patni both are a joy to have personal pujas or ceremonies done.

Over the years our family and relatives have had the honour of Prabhu ji performing special pujas and yagyas for us from weddings to births and has been a part of our important spiritual milestones in life. Prabhu ji is very well versed in the scriptures, conducts all pujas to the highest degree not leaving any stone unturned! His noble character, attention to detail and dedication to performing the best pujas and yagyas comes across leaving the best impression of traditional Brahmin in the modern age. I would recommend that anyone reading this, experience spirituality at its best offered by prabhuji and his dharampatni and involve them to invoke blessing in the most important occasions in life!

Your humble servant,

Anuragi devi dasi 

Coventry UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma has been our family priest for the good part of almost a decade conducting engagement & marriage ceremonies, Narasimhadev Yajnas, Simantanoyanam ceremonies (protection for mother and child within the womb) amongst other pujas and astrological readings.

Right from the outset Pandit Ravi and his good wife Shyama Vallabha devi offer a package of support which encompass a variety of aspects that were important for us and our family.

Pandit Ravi has mastered the difficult art of keeping the audience focused on the ceremony and keeping them engaged by his clear explanations and commentary of his worship whilst maintaining silence over long periods of time.

Whether the occasion is big or small Pandit Ravi has a very unique style for conducting the ceremony with his charismatic persona, attention to detail and integrity of keeping within Vedic scripture and injunction.

Anish Patel | Brymec

Financial Controller

London UK

Namaskaram! Jay Sriman Narayana! Pt. Ravi Sharma is a very qualified priest who follow the Vedic and Pancharatric rituals in a bonafide way, with all types of mantras and details. Also he is a very learned astrologer (Jyotishi) doing the correct Muhurta for all occasions. Please, work with him, and you will see all Hindu Devatas giving blessings to you and your family. Laksmana Muni Pungava Sharma Adiyen

Madrid, Spain

Hare Krishna, Prabhuji was a great help to me when I was struggling with certain aspects of my life. With guidance I started to do prayers which helped me and I also purchased my birth stone set in the correct material and purified it as instructed. This has helped me and I have seen big changes in my life, obstacles were cleared and I finally made progress in certain areas. Many Thanks Prabhuji ! Anonymous


Sunday 2nd April, 2017, was the beginning of a new venture in our lives. Our wedding day. Preparations for the puja were expertly done. Our guests were left with that ‘wow’ expression. Until today we often hear about their amusement at the expertise, the well coordinated preparation of the ritual, recitation of the hymns and conduct of the ceremony. Working with Priest Ravidave Sharma (H.G Rupa Goswami Prabhu), was an honour, and a very rare blessing. Thank you, For joining us together in the execution of the most original vedic process. Asking for anything more will be very much unreasonable. Jaya Gaura Dasa & Tash Guyana. 9/23/2020

Guyana, South America

When someone takes the time to recount and share a positive experience it speaks volume. Therefore it is my highest pleasure to tell you about my encounters with Pandit Ravi Sharma. I have know him for more than twenty years having being in the same religious association. From his behavior, attitude and discipline everyone knows that he is an exceptional priest. He is immaculate and precise with the preparations and execution of whatever he does. Now when I say precise I mean it. It may look like he is over particular but trust me its only because he’s doing it properly.Especially his ceremonies. So much so that my husband and I insisted that he was the main priest at our wedding even though he lives in another country. He also did some astrological readings for alot of people that are close to me which turned out to be accurate and helpful. Wherever he goes everyone notices his abilities. I have been witness to this in two countries which is Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana so far. As I conclude am positively sure Pandit Ravi Sharma is an ideal example in a priest. Your sincerely Radica Samaroo (Radhana Rupini)

Debe Village, Trinidad & Tobago

Hare Krishna Please accept my best wishes. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I have known Sriman Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Dasa) for over twenty years. It is inherent in his nature to be clean and pure, which are natural qualities of a brahmana. On several occasions, having been a guest in their home in London, Sriman Ravi Sharma is ably assisted by his good wife, Shyama Vallabha Devi Dasi who is naturally caring and affectionate to all. Just being in their Altar and Puja Room brings forth devotional sentiments. Upon my invitation in December 2016, Sriman Ravi Sharma wonderfully performed the Vastu Puja and Installation Ceremonies for the Grand Opening of Bhaktivedanta Asrama Temple in Mauritius. One is certainly assured of deep spirituality in Sriman Ravi Sharma’s performance of rituals and vedic ceremonies based upon the shastras or scriptures. May this find you all well. Yours sincerely, Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami (Tridandi-Bhiksu-Sannyasi in ISKCON)

Mauritius & South Africa