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About Me

My name is Pandit Ravi Sharma and I am a Hindu Priest and Vedic Astrologer. I am grateful to be descended from a long line of Hindu Priests of Indian origin based in Trinidad and Tobago. My Grandfather, Pandit Ramlal Sharma Maharaj, taught me many things whilst growing up, and it was he who firstly inspired me to be a hindu priest.  Following the traditions of the family I began performing rituals for the Hindu community in Trinidad at around 15 years old, hence my vast amount of knowledge and experience to this day. Since gathering a wealth of knowledge from my Grandfather, I have learnt from many great teachers like Sriman Keshava Bhattacharya of Maui and Sri Rangam and from the many books of Pandit Ram Sivan (Sri Rama Ramanujachari) of Australia. When I was 18 years old I was initiated into the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition of Krishna bhakti and was given the spiritual name Rupa Goswami das after the great saint and acharya in that tradition His Divine Grace Sripad Rupa Goswami Prabhupada. Many years later I was given mantra upadesha (instructions in mantras) in the Pancharatric (Vaishnava) System of worship and was confered the name Govinda Bhattacharya by my Teacher  Sri Keshava Bhattacharya Swami. I also started learning astrology from my Grandfather at the young age of just 13 years old! I would often sit in on his consultations; simply listening and taking in the amazing and inspirational information I heard about.
After being inspired by what I heard in my grandfather’s consultations, I decided it was something I wanted to learn more about. As I got older I later studied Vedic astrology with mainly the Astrovedic Akademie in Germany. During my amazing studies, I also attended seminars with Nalini kanta das of Alachua, in Florida and Professor K. Jaya Shekhar of Tamil Nadu, in India. Gaining more experience and learning about Vedic astrology across different parts of the world. Across the 25 years I have been a Hindu Priest and Astrologer, I have officiated ceremonies in many different places, altering and adjusting my services for other traditions according to a variety of cultural and family needs. Some of the places I have served in include Trinidad, UK, Guyana, Panama, New York, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium and Spain, however, there are many more and I hope that list will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Within the services I offer I am happy to serve anyone from any background who is seeking to add that little bit of spirituality to their lives.