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Documented in our Vedic scriptures and also commonly known as “Jyotish” (the science of light), vedic astrology deals with the position of the planets and asterisms at the time of an individual’s birth. After careful study of these positions the astrologer is able to give guidance on major events in an individual’s life. An astrologer is different from a clairvoyant who uses their psychic ability to make predictions. The astrologer relies on mathematical calculations, planetary positions and combinations along with clear scriptural definitions and descriptions to gain good insights into the various areas of life that a birth chart indicates. From this the astrologer can come to clear conclusions to the results an individual would experience in his/her life along with their strengths and weaknesses. We are able to make predictions on periods of life which are easier to navigate and warnings of time periods which one needs to take extra precautions. Every individual is a master of his/her own destiny and through guidance via a consultation with a vedic astrologer one can empower oneself to make the best of the karmic situations at present and in the future.

Services offered

  • Natal Charts or Birth Chart – Interpretation of the Birth chart, looking at the qualities of an individual, strengths and weaknesses as well as three to four key areas of life.
  • Interpretation of present and future Dasha-Bhukti and Gochara – interpretation of the present planetary influences on an individual.

  • Muhurtha astrology – electing an auspicious time for an important event