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All Glories to Srila Prabhuada ! Sri Guru Gauranga Jayate !

I am privileged to have had many opportunities to see Pandit Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Dasa) perform ceremonies, fire sacrifices (yagnas) and also to be a part of the his team for many occasions over the years.

Every samskara he has undertaken to conduct has always been a very mystical experience when you see him through the lens of  a perfectionist .He has had very good teachers to bring him to this high level of competency in ceremonial presentations  and he has been a bright student having acquired many brahminical qualities in the processes of yagna & samskaras.

His attention to details, his non-compromising stand in adherence to ceremonial deliverance without any shortcuts, his tactful way of involving all householders ( grihasthas) or sacrificial sponsors (yajumanas) during ceremonies by bringing them to the vedic worldly realm from one’s living room is an amazing scene to behold. By nature he is mild mannered and a devoted practitioner of yagna viddhi parampara . I continue to fully recommend him for his priestly services.  

Vishal Gauranga Dasa ( Vinod Sankaramani Iyer)