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Palmers Green, UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma (also known to us fondly as His Grace Rupa Goswami Das) is an exceptional Priest. He has vast knowledge of the Vedic Scriptures and is meticulous with careful  attention to detail in how he conducts pujas, havans and astrological readings.

Everything  he does is conducted with sincerity, rigour and care. Pandit Ravi Sharma is a kind, considerate and thoughtful Priest who engages us actively in all the ceremonies. Its evident by everything he does that this is his life calling and seva to the community.

We have been very lucky to  have known him for many decades and he is our go-to Priest without a shadow of doubt.  He is a true, first class and an exceptionally qualified and accomplished Brahmin.

Naina Parmar (Nandarane dasi) Consultant