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Pandit Ravi Sharma has been our family priest for the good part of almost a decade conducting engagement & marriage ceremonies, Narasimhadev Yajnas, Simantanoyanam ceremonies (protection for mother and child within the womb) amongst other pujas and astrological readings.

Right from the outset Pandit Ravi and his good wife Shyama Vallabha devi offer a package of support which encompass a variety of aspects that were important for us and our family.

Pandit Ravi has mastered the difficult art of keeping the audience focused on the ceremony and keeping them engaged by his clear explanations and commentary of his worship whilst maintaining silence over long periods of time.

Whether the occasion is big or small Pandit Ravi has a very unique style for conducting the ceremony with his charismatic persona, attention to detail and integrity of keeping within Vedic scripture and injunction.

Anish Patel | Brymec

Financial Controller