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Debe Village, Trinidad & Tobago

When someone takes the time to recount and share a positive experience it speaks volume. Therefore it is my highest pleasure to tell you about my encounters with Pandit Ravi Sharma. I have know him for more than twenty years having being in the same religious association. From his behavior, attitude and discipline everyone knows that he is an exceptional priest. He is immaculate and precise with the preparations and execution of whatever he does. Now when I say precise I mean it. It may look like he is over particular but trust me its only because he’s doing it properly.Especially his ceremonies. So much so that my husband and I insisted that he was the main priest at our wedding even though he lives in another country. He also did some astrological readings for alot of people that are close to me which turned out to be accurate and helpful. Wherever he goes everyone notices his abilities. I have been witness to this in two countries which is Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana so far. As I conclude am positively sure Pandit Ravi Sharma is an ideal example in a priest. Your sincerely Radica Samaroo (Radhana Rupini)