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Coventry, UK

Pandit Ravi Sharma alias, His Grace Rupa Goswami, is a perfect Brahmin. He is a storehouse of traditional Vedic practices and values but presents it in a modern skillful way. He is very informative and interactive, and enlightening to those who have engaged him in any Vedic ceremony. I have known him for many years and seen him conduct ceremonies from huge wedding events, in posh hotels in London, to home yagyas and samskara vidhis. He captivates the attention of the young and the old. He has an undeniable great sense of humour whilst in action and always looks and dresses up smart. He has an able assistant, Shyama Vallabha, his wonderful silent wife (dharampatni), making it a very dynamic team aiming for perfection. They really have a wonderful system of preparing the yajumanas and their relatives prior to the occasion so everything goes smoothly on the actual day. Off the stage, he is a true practicing Vaishnava and daily worships his deities with mantras speaking from memory which others find hard to even pronounce. He is someone I would recommend, without hesitation, who would make any Vedic ceremony successful, auspicious and memorable. Our family, friends and devotee circles have engaged him regularly over decades and have been very happy with him. Jai. Haridas Trustee at Shree Shree Radha Krishna Cultural Centre