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Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford, UK

Our family has known His Grace Pt. Ravi Sharma a.ka. Rupa Goswami Prabhu for many years and have seen him perform various ceremonies. When we were planning our wedding, without a doubt we knew that His Grace Rupa Goswami is the priest we wanted for our special day. His Grace Rupa Goswami is kind, patient and easy to talk to when planning your ceremony. Before the ceremony he will explain each part of the ceremony and why we do it so that all the participants are aware of what will happen on the day and understand why we do them. He carried out all aspects of the ceremony thoroughly and accurately according to the Vedic scriptures which was something that was important to us. He explained each part of the ceremony very clearly to our guests. After the wedding many of our guests told us how great His Grace Rupa Goswami was as for the first time they really understood the wedding ceremony. This included our guests who had never attended a Vedic wedding ceremony before. This just shows how personable he is, how well he is able to explain the ceremony as well as his vast experience and amazing knowledge. We were just blown away by how he carried out our ceremony. Without a doubt we will always highly recommend His Grace Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami) to anyone looking for not only wedding ceremonies but any other ceremony or puja. We will definitely be using Rupa Goswami Prabhu again for any future vedic ceremonies we may have. A massive thank you to Rupa Goswami, he truly invaluable and we will be forever grateful for his service to us. Your servants, Janhvi & Ram 🙏🏻