Satyanarayana Puja London

Pandit Ravi Sharma performed Satyanarayana Puja at our house. He carried out the Puja in Sanskrit and was brilliant in explaining the entire process in English. We have done Satyanarayana Puja before but this was the first time we understood the reasoning behind every step. He was excellent at communicating with us right from the first time we contacted him to the day of Puja and was prompt in responding to all our queries. He even guided us on all the material required for the Puja and where to buy it from. We would thoroughly recommend him for any religious ceremony Kind Regards Gharat Family

Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford, UK

Our family has known His Grace Pt. Ravi Sharma a.ka. Rupa Goswami Prabhu for many years and have seen him perform various ceremonies. When we were planning our wedding, without a doubt we knew that His Grace Rupa Goswami is the priest we wanted for our special day. His Grace Rupa Goswami is kind, patient and easy to talk to when planning your ceremony. Before the ceremony he will explain each part of the ceremony and why we do it so that all the participants are aware of what will happen on the day and understand why we do them. He carried out all aspects of the ceremony thoroughly and accurately according to the Vedic scriptures which was something that was important to us. He explained each part of the ceremony very clearly to our guests. After the wedding many of our guests told us how great His Grace Rupa Goswami was as for the first time they really understood the wedding ceremony. This included our guests who had never attended a Vedic wedding ceremony before. This just shows how personable he is, how well he is able to explain the ceremony as well as his vast experience and amazing knowledge. We were just blown away by how he carried out our ceremony. Without a doubt we will always highly recommend His Grace Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami) to anyone looking for not only wedding ceremonies but any other ceremony or puja. We will definitely be using Rupa Goswami Prabhu again for any future vedic ceremonies we may have. A massive thank you to Rupa Goswami, he truly invaluable and we will be forever grateful for his service to us. Your servants, Janhvi & Ram ??
Pt. Ravi Sharma a.k.a. Rupa Goswami Prabhuji officiated our Hindu wedding ceremony on 27th August for Meera and Daniel. Prabhuji conducted the ceremony in English with clear and concise explanation of each ritual. The proceedings were bespoke, relevant and in context of the present times. All of us were very satisfied and content. Smita. London UK
Pandit Ravi Sharma has performed several different pujas at our home and demonstrates wide knowledge of the requirements for these and the cultural differences between different Indian ethnicities. He has also impressed my family from India with the pujas he has performed. He also conducted our marriage ceremony which had a mixed Indian and Western audience and the feedback from so many friends and relatives was that it was lovely to have the process explained to them, to involve them in parts of the ceremony and for them to understand where the ancient Vedic ceremony comes from and it’s principles that are still relevant today. Panditji also demonstrated flexibility in changing certain elements to match my family’s requirements where necessary. Very happy to have him continue as our family priest. Anupam and Hailey. London UK

Mrs. Sharda. London UK

Pandit Ji performed a beautiful Choora and Wedding Ceremony for our daughter.  He took the time to ensure we all understood what was involved and explained the significance and context of all rituals.  The bride and groom were advised of their vows beforehand which made their wedding day very special.  Everyone including our guests were enlightened by Pandit Ji’s engaging style and simple and clear explanation in English.  Huge thanks from us all for making our ceremonies so special.    

Atish Ghai, UK

It was our great pleasure to invite Pt. Ravi Sharma to perform our daughter’s first grain-feeding ceremony. Ravi did a beautiful job with the ceremony, making sure to explain the ritual and underlying philosophy with great sensitivity and command. We all came away much the wiser but also with a new found love and appreciation for Hindu ritual; this is all thanks to Pt. Ravi Sharma. We were particularly impressed by Ravi’s warm and friendly attitude and the ease with which he made everyone feel at home during the ritual ceremony. He is certainly going to be our priest of choice going forward. We could not recommend him enough!    

Nairobi, Kenya

I found Pt. Ravi Sharma to be very friendly, practical, knowledgeable and thorough.

 When he conducted my sister’s wedding the entire crowd was engaged and really appreciated the ceremony, from start to finish.

 The Sikhs who are generally not very well aware with the significance of Hindu rituals were absolutely amazed.

Kindest regards, Yadav Jani


Leicester, UK

I have worked with Pt. Ravi Sharma on many weddings & as a photographer I always appreciate his attention to detail & authenticity. His ceremonies are vibrant, intricate, informative and mesmerising. Out of all the priests I have witnessed over the years, Pt. Ravi Sharma has proven time and time again to perform a genuine wedding ceremony from a deep place of devotion and understanding for the Hindu tradition, so much so that my wife & I were fortunate to have him conduct our marriage ceremony. Friends and family to this very day applaud Panditji’s efforts.


Garston, Watford, UK

Pt. Ravi Sharma is an excellent priest, astrologer with spiritual perspectives and a deep philosopher. 

It has been a privilege to be the recipients of his service and we highly recommend him to those who are interested in the hindu tradition and culture. 

We appreciate his humble demeanour, sense of humour and versatile approaches. 

Thank you for continuing to be our priest and well wisher.

All the best wishes for your good work,

Krishna Balaram das and Citra Gopi Devi dasi 

(Krishna Kamalay and Chandrika Krishna and Nandakishore)

East London, UK

One thing is for sure, Pandit Ravi Sharma pays great attention to detail when conducting your ceremony. He gives you and your audience a bonafide experience of how a religious ceremony should be conducted. For this reason we have used Pt. Ravi Sharma for many years. You can be assured of a genuine experience, feeling rejuvenated once the ceremony is concluded. We remain forever grateful to Pt. Ravi Sharma and his better half for conducting our ceremonies – Punj family