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New York USA

At the most difficult and happiest of times, the saintly Pt. Ravi Sharma (Rupa Goswami Das), has performed yagnas in our family for three generations thus far recalling my grandmothers numerous village ceremonies with the chanting of the sweet and auspicious names of Lord Hari, then my parents, and also myself and my son.  His soft-spoken and even tempered personality despite any mishaps on my part is remarkable. Knowledgeable, self-controlled, truthful, eager to purify the atmosphere through yagna, his sastric explanations and balanced meter have always been reasons why we recommend him. I’m grateful to consider him our family priest for the many services offered, meticulously detailed and beautiful art, and the numerous lessons he continues to teach us.  May the Lord of the universe allow him to continue to bless many more homes and families through yagna.

Rohini Ramnarine